Jim Thibodeau JR parts

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1958 Plymouth taillight lenses

Powercar serial number plates

Thunderbird JR decals 55-57

Original style whitewall tires

1958-59 Thunderbird taillights

Powercar Firebird taillights

hand grips

The following are parts that are made for Junior cars By Jim Thibodeau. These parts must be ordered from Jim and are listed here on Junior Central as a service to restorers to make it easier to find parts for your JR cars.

1958 Plymouth Fury Junior reproduction taillight lenses

painted $46.00 a pair, shipping costs are $6.00 a pair.

1958-59 Thunderbird Junior reproduction taillight lenses

painted $80.00 a set of 4, shipping costs are $6.00 a set.

1950s Firebird Junior reproduction taillight lenses

painted $75.00 a pair, shipping costs are $6.00 a set.

Powercar reproduction serial number tags Specify Mustang JR, Thunderbird JR (red or black), Mercury Big M JR or Plymouth Fury JR

$30.00 per tag, shipping cost $5.00

1955-57 Thunderbird JR decals

$45.00 per set, shipping cost $4.00

Powercar replacement Whitewall tires

$50.00 per tire shipping cost $30.00 for a set of four
The tires are 10 inch X 2.75. the tread width is 1.75 inches and the bearings are 5/8 inch. I use bushings on the 1/2 inch axels.

Powercar reproduction hand grips

$18.00 per grip, shipping cost $5.00

Powercar reproduction Whitewall decals

$9.00 per decal, shipping cost $5.00

ordering information

For combined shipping costs contact Jim directly

Send payment to:
Jim Thibodeau
2232 Wintergeen Dr.
Appleton, WI. 54914
nine twenty-740-9570

Prices subject to change without notice!

Jim also does Powercar restorations for hire! Here are some of the cars that he has done!
1963 Thunderbird JR

1963 Thunderbird JR another shot

1957 Thunderbird JR

1958 Mercury big M JR

1956 Silvestri pontiac

1956 Thunderbird JR

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